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Why an in-home newborn session? | Hudson Valley newborn photographer

There are many reasons to list why your newborn session should be in-home. Let's look though at what I think is the most impactful.

Artistic Memories.

My children love listening to stories of times before their memories. They will sit entranced and giggle in wonder at stories of themselves and their home. The most seemingly mundane details will capture their attention like nothing else.

- How our home was covered in outdated paneling, and wallpaper.

- How tiny they seemed in their crib (which was all too soon outgrown).

- The special way Daddy held them to calm them down.

- The way their hands would fiddle as they nursed.

- Fitting perfectly into my chest for a nap.

Now, imagine retelling these stories with artful imagery. Pictures that are not only wall worthy pieces of art, but also serve to retell the story of you. Together in an album you have a visual storytelling piece to hand down through generations. A book to sit together with as a family and bond and reminisce with.

These moments mixed in with sleepless nights, dirty diapers and feeding woes may become mundane. But these are the moments to cherish and remember. They are what makes bearing the sleepless nights worthwhile. As much as we may tell ourselves to slow down and remember these little things - the memories will fade. How wonderful will it be to have beautiful keepsakes of this first chapter, for yourself and your baby?

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