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I don't know what to expect! | Westchester Newborn Photographer


You are contemplating a newborn session but aren't just sure if it is up your alley? I know some of the thoughts that are probably running through your head...

- I won't know what to do with myself

- I'll be uncomfortable

- What if I don't like the pictures?

- Will it be awkward?


Let me calm your concerns.

"I won't know what to do with myself" - That is what I am for! I will guide you into natural positions and encourage natural interactions with each other and the baby. Having the baby to interact with always gives you 'something to do' in front of the camera and I am there every step of the way to guide you into not only natural positions, but also flattering ones.

Some prompts you may hear from me during our time together -

- "Oh, I love the way you just nuzzled her hair, can you do that one more time?"

- "That looks lovely, let's come over to this window just like that"

- "Perfect, just shift towards the light a little more"

"I'll be uncomfortable" - Maybe. Just for a little while though. We get into a groove pretty quickly. I set you up into positions that come naturally and use our environment and angles to create beautiful images. If anything is awkward I keep the conversation going and give you guys little things to talk about and do.

You may hear me say -

- "Great, now just get nice and close so there are no gaps between you"

- "I know this feels awkward - I promise, it looks perfect."

- "Just bring baby up a little higher so your cheek is right on her head"

"What if I don't like the pictures" - There are a few things to consider here.

First, I take a lot of pictures. This way you can choose your favorites, even if they aren't the same as mine. There will be a variety of solo baby - in your arms, on your chest and on the bed, details of delicious baby fingers and toes and of course some portraits of baby with his favorite people (you!). You will have plenty of variety in case one of those spices isn't to your liking.

Second, trust in me. Trust me to find the flattering angles, the yummy light and the intimate poses.

Third, and possibly most important. That little bub you just met earthside? He adores you above all else. He sees the love, strength and beauty in you. I know it may not seem like it now, but these pictures aren't for just you - they are also for your baby. This session is for them to have a treasure of an heirloom to look back on and remember these first days. If you are trying to convince yourself you don't need to get in front of the camera...then do it for your sweet little one, so he will have these treasures as he grows.

"Will it be awkward?" - I get it - having a baby and then inviting the unknown into your home isn't necessarily enticing. I aim to have everyone feel like the client in this testimonial. That I'm 'easy to talk to and professional.' I will be in your home not only as your photographer, but also as a fellow mom. I will chat and get to know you when the time is right, but keep to the task of taking pictures and guiding you through your lifestyle session. I also communicate with you before your session to make sure you feel prepared. After booking every client receives a prep guide and we chat to go over any questions. I have received such positive feedback about my guide and clients rarely have many - if any! - questions by the time we get to chat.

Ready to book or have more questions? Contact me here!


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