I don't know what to expect! | Westchester Newborn Photographer


You are contemplating a newborn session but aren't just sure if it is up your alley? I know some of the thoughts that are probably running through your head...

- I won't know what to do with myself

- I'll be uncomfortable

- What if I don't like the pictures?

- Will it be awkward?


Let me calm your concerns.

"I won't know what to do with myself" - That is what I am for! I will guide you into natural positions and encourage natural interactions with each other and the baby. Having the baby to interact with always gives you 'something to do' in front of the camera and I am there every step of the way to guide you into not only natural positions, but also flattering ones.

Some prompts you may hear from me during our time together -

- "Oh, I love the way you just nuzzled her hair, can you do that one more time?"

- "That looks lovely, let's come over to this window just like that"

- "Perfect, just shift towards the light a little more"