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3 reasons to choose in-home for your next photo session | Westchester Lifestyle Photographer

So many reasons to choose an in-home session...

but let's start with 3...

1 -Your kids (and you!) will be more comfortable.

Everyone gets that uncertainty of whether or not their kids will behave for photos. If they will be able to get everyone out the door without forgetting anything. If Dad will EVER get over the trauma of being made to cooperate for family photos.

Well, guess where everyone would be more comfortable?!


Guess where you won't have to worry about remembering a back up outfit?

Yep, Home.

And guess where you can go barefoot and not worry about what shoes to wear for your session?

You got it now . . .

Let the kids show me their favorite spaces. Let dad have a tickle fight on the couch. Play your favorite family board game. Then maybe end it all with making ice cream sundaes together!

Bonus - adding your fur babies in is WAY less stressful at home!

2 - Tell the story of this time in your family's life.

Show your children that your every day is beautiful and important by documenting it. Embrace it, put it on the wall, put it in a book, share it with loved ones.

Not only will we make wall worthy art, we will also document this time in your life.

Not just the who and when,

but also the where, how and why.

It will all be done with an artful, organic eye.

I recently received a digital photo frame. Do you know the pictures that capture everyone's attention? It isn't the ones where everyone is standing and smiling at the camera (though we will get those too) it is the ones of our ordinary life - the ones that evoke feelings and memories.

Imagine if you could get the best of both worlds - the beauty of an artfully captured and edited professional picture and the raw essence and nostalgia of a picture telling your family's story.

That, my friend, is what an in-home session is all about.

3 - In-home sessions can take place any time and regardless of weather.

If you have had an outdoor session with a professional photographer you likely know that the best time to hold your session is right before sunset. In the summer that can be 8pm or later. With little ones, that doesn't always work out so well. Sure you can move it earlier, but you will be fighting the sun and compromising on quality. There is also the stress of the weather. Finally finding the day that works for your schedule and your photographer's, getting all excited, and then seeing rain in the forecast - it is a bummer.

In-home sessions though?

They can be done rain or shine and any time of day.

Kids at there cheeriest in the morning?

Great, let's meet then.

Best after a nap and lunch?

No problem, see you then!

Rain in the forecast? No worries - maybe we can even end with some dancing in the rain and splashing in puddles pictures!


Can't you feel the stress fading away just thinking about it?

Ready to take the leap? Contact me here, I can answer more questions or we can look at our calendars together to get you all set up!


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