A different approach to first year pictures | Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer

This first year with your snuggle-bum has flown by, hasn't it? If you didn't realize at first how important it is to document these fleeting moments, I'm sure by now you do.

You blinked and your little one has gone from the tiniest bundle to a little person with their own personality, sense of humor and probably even some demands! You are now realizing that this is an important milestone to capture - but how?

I'm sure you have heard of a cake smash by now. I do offer them (in my own natural, organic style), but let me propose another option, to use either instead of or together with a Rustic Hive cake smash.

A lifestyle session.

Surprising? Are you thinking lifestyle sessions are just for newborns? Sure, they are most popular for newborns - but I'd like to change that.

In-home lifestyle sessions are great not only for newborns, but also for 1 year olds and beyond. Each stage has it's own uniqueness to capture. And, each stage of life is often embedded in memories that revolve around your home - not a studio or a park.

Having your session in your home allows you to not only capture beautiful heirloom pictures of y