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A different approach to first year pictures | Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photographer

This first year with your snuggle-bum has flown by, hasn't it? If you didn't realize at first how important it is to document these fleeting moments, I'm sure by now you do.

You blinked and your little one has gone from the tiniest bundle to a little person with their own personality, sense of humor and probably even some demands! You are now realizing that this is an important milestone to capture - but how?

I'm sure you have heard of a cake smash by now. I do offer them (in my own natural, organic style), but let me propose another option, to use either instead of or together with a Rustic Hive cake smash.

A lifestyle session.

Surprising? Are you thinking lifestyle sessions are just for newborns? Sure, they are most popular for newborns - but I'd like to change that.

In-home lifestyle sessions are great not only for newborns, but also for 1 year olds and beyond. Each stage has it's own uniqueness to capture. And, each stage of life is often embedded in memories that revolve around your home - not a studio or a park.

Having your session in your home allows you to not only capture beautiful heirloom pictures of your family, but also to capture the memories of this stage of your life. Has anything really changed since the beginning days that would make your home less desirable for a session with your growing babe? Probably not.


What does a lifestyle session with a one-year old look like?

What would we do during our session? We would capture what you always do! In a beautiful, story-telling way. Where do you spend most of your time? What does baby love, what makes her laugh?

Here are some typical activities we may include during a one year old lifestyle session.

Crib Shots. One of my key shots during a newborn session is an overhead, looking down shot of baby laying in the crib. You can really see just how tiny they are. Similarly, during a 1 year old session, I love to get a standing in the crib shot. Chances are they will be scaling the walls of that crib soon and won't be in it for much longer. This has been their safe haven their entire life, let's capture them in this space, maybe with their favorite lovey.

I know, some little ones, especially when not otherwise tired, will scream the moment they are set down in the crib. For this we can plan our session around their nap. Have me come just before they typically wake up, I can catch those first sleepy head, bed head moments of their anticipation waiting to be taken out of the crib. Alternatively, we can plan the session to end at nap time, we can include bed time activities (some of which I will be mentioning next) and I can capture a sleeping baby in her crib.

Reading together. Whether it is on the couch or a favorite spot in the nursery, babies love books. Chances are you have some family favorites we can document, too. Not much is cuter than chubby one year old fingers pointing out the pictures they love and recognize! Maybe baby sitting with all her favorites scattered around her.

Traditional portraits. Yes, of course we will get a few smile and look at the camera type pictures. We can do this in your home or venture outside if it is nice out.

Practicing walking. Whether babe is holding on for balance as they find their leg strength, couch surfing, practicing first steps or full on walking - we can capture this in a fun way with and without family in the picture.

Cuddling, belly raspberries, airplane, peekaboo, favorite toys... All make for fun shots. What are babies favorites? We'll be sure to include them!

Bath time. The kitchen sink is a fabulous place for this. Not only do they fit just perfectly in there, there is usually a window for great light and there is room for the whole family to help. Babies usually love baths and we will get some adorable bubbles and splashing pictures. After the bath snuggles wrapped in their favorite blanket are just great...aren't they so snuggly after nice bath?

Feeding. This may be a pre nap feeding. Updating nursing pictures or capturing they way they now help hold their bottle. They probably get rosy cheeks as they get sleepy knowing bed time is around the corner - let me capture these details before they are forgotten!

On the other end of the spectrum, we can also do a fun, messy meal time (or cake smash!) here. Let them dig in to their favorite food - either just set up on your table, counter or high chair. Or I can bring my white studio set for a more traditional look.

Adding a cake smash at the end of a lifestyle session is a great way to get the best of both worlds if you like the sound of a lifestyle session but still want a cake smash!

As you can see, there are endless options for what to do during a 1 year lifestyle session, and no two sessions will ever be the same - they are uniquely you!

Have more questions or ready to book? Contact me here.


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