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Things to remember about those first days | Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

You just grew a human - inside of you - crazy, right?

After much anticipation, you have finally met. You are in awe. Just a blink ago this person was growing inside of you. Only in your imagination and dreams have you met.

Now, here they are, and you could spend hours just looking.

Counting fingers.

Counting toes.

Watching her chest rise and fall.

How perfectly round his belly is after he eats.

How she naturally curls back into a ball.

Her downy little back.

The smell.

The way his soft hair feels against your cheek.

His wrinkly feet.

Curled up fists that only relax in the deepest of sleeps.

Big Yawns.


Her face scrunching up when she is about to cry.

How he studies your face.

How perfectly she fits in your hands.

The content relaxing while feeding.

Eye lashes.

Clenching toes.

It is all worth remembering, isn't it?



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