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First Year Lifestyle

Westchester Lifestyle Photography
Westchester Lifestyle Photography
Westchester Lifestyle Photography
Westchester Lifestyle Photography
Westchester Lifestyle Photography
1 Year Lifestyle Photography
Westchester Lifestyle Photography

1st year lifestyle sessions takes place in your home with minimal props or posing.  Much like a newborn lifestyle session, we will capture your family as it is at this time.


Sessions typically take place in the baby's bedroom, living room and dining room or kitchen, wherever you spend most of your time!  We will plan out some favorite activities for each of these spaces. 


Activities may include toys, books, snuggles and eating (cake smashes still happen in lifestyle sessions!)  I have plenty of curated outfits and simple wooden toys that we can use if you would like!


Lifestyle sessions are also great way to include a sibling or fur baby.  In addition to including them in some of the lifestyle pictures of playing with toys or reading we will also be sure to capture a couple of traditional family pictures, either in your home or yard, depending on your preference and the weather.


A typical 1st year lifestyle session starts with me getting a quick tour of the areas we will work in.  We will likely start in the nursery, in this space we will get some solo pictures of baby including traditional portraits and lifestyle images of them playing and interacting in their room. 


From here we will move to the living room, this is where we will spend a little time snuggling, reading and interacting on the couch.  If there are any favorite activities or games you love to do as a family, we will be sure to include them!  The couch and living room are typically a great spot for some more formal family pictures. 


After that it is time for a treat!  Whether you choose a traditional smash cake, a huge stack of fluffy pancakes, a pile of donuts, fruit, or a bowl of is always fun to watch kids 'dig in'!  We can set this up in their high chair, on the floor or right on top of the dining room table (with mom or dad near by, of course).  As an add on, I can also bring a white backdrop for a more traditional studio style cake smash.


When the mess is over, you have the option of ending the session with a bubble bath.  Kitchen sinks are usually great photo opportunities for a bubble bath after getting messy!

This 'schedule of events' is of course just a sample - sessions are completely custom and usually change on the fly depending on the little one's mood!  


Lifestyle sessions tell a story...your story. ​

Included in your session is support preparing for your session, including wardrobe, up to 60 minute travel time from Carmel, NY.  At your session where I will bring any outfits we discuss, toys, accessories and cake stand.  After the session you will receive a viewing gallery to choose your favorite images and after that, your final, fully edited images with a print release.  You are welcome to print on your own, or order through me where I will make sure everything is just perfect!

I love the story telling and emotions captured in Lifestyle images;  how in 20 years looking back at these photos will spark memories of where your family was at this point in life.  It is a treasure to pass on to your child when they are ready.  Whether you are ready to book or still have questions, please contact me so I can help!

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