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What to wear to my lifestyle newborn session | Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

Planning outfits are likely low on your priority list right now. Luckily, it is pretty simple and you likely already have items in your closet that will work!

There are a few simple rules to follow here and the rest comes down to personal preference.


  • Stick to mostly neutrals - white, ivory, beige, cream, greys. Earth tones or pastels can easily mix in. Avoid bold, bright colors.

  • I generally say to stick to a theme of mostly light or mostly dark, but play and see what appeals to you.

  • Keep patterns to a minimum.

  • Avoid being too 'matchy'.


We will be in a variety of positions throughout our session. Standing, sitting, lying and even bending over babe. Give a test in all of these positions and make sure you are comfortable. No worrying about bulges, riding up shirts or being too exposed!

You are likely planning this before baby arrives and not sure what will fit by the time of your session. Some easy, comfortable options are long flowy dresses and tunic tops with leggings. Both are great for sessions and can be dressy or casual depending on your preference.


Baby can either be in a clean white onsie or a simple romper (preferably one without feet...who doesn't love those little toes peeking out in pictures!). As the session goes on, we will end up with a variety of dressed, wrapped and in just a diaper pictures. I bring with me some neutral wraps so we always have some options, but we can use what you have on hand, too. It is always nice to include some personal touches during the session.

Where to shop?

You likely have great outfits in your closet already but if you need some new pieces, Old Navy has a nice variety for the whole family and great prices. It is my favorite for a one stop shop!

Some other affordable one stop shops are Target, H&M and Primark.

If you prefer to start with an amazing dress for yourself then look no further than Baltic Born . Get yourself feeling fabulous and then pick everyone else's outfits to match!

Also, I have a few simple white dresses in my client closet that you are welcome to wear for your session!

I've put together a few inspiration wardrobes to get you started. ALL of these items are from old navy!


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