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siblings during a newborn session | Westchester Newborn Photographer

You've just welcomed your second, or third (or more!) babe home - double, triple (or more!) congrats!

If you have learned anything as an experienced mamma, it is that time flies with kiddos in the mix.

Now multiply that feeling.

It is going to go, so fast. Capturing these moments, taking a moment to document the seemingly mundane, is essential.

But it seems a little overwhelming, doesn't it? - to book a photo session in the midst of all this change?

Those bigger kids...they just went through a big change, huh?

There is excitement, I'm sure - but probably also a whole lot of other feelings going on, too. What if they don't cooperate for a photo session?

I understand, I really do...and that is why I can help!

Our schedule is relaxed and kid paced. My session times are an estimate, because, as we all know deep down, we don't run the show...the kids do!

It really is pretty simple - we include the siblings when they are into it and let them take breaks when they are not! We also create lots of opportunities to entice them to join in for family moments (which I then capture!)

Luckily, there is a lot to capture during a session, with and without sibling and, in no particular order - so they are free to take breaks as needed!

In lifestyle sessions is that there isn't a whole lot of "sit there and smile at the camera."

Instead, there is -

-want to come read a book with mom?

-can you count baby's toes?

-can you help dad pat baby's back?

-let's play peekaboo with baby in the crib!

I have lots of ideas and tricks to share with you and a few 'plan b's' when all else fails!

Thinking back to my studio days - while I loved capturing newborns and their siblings together - it was....stressful, really stressful. The sessions were long and siblings involvement was short.

So then what?

They could hang out for the remainder of the session, but that was often too boring. Dad could take them for a drive and a snack, but that seemed inconvenient. Bring a grandma to bring sibling back home after their pictures were over - but then it put me under pressure to get the images right at the beginning of the session - and then what if newborn wasn't ready for pictures then?! See all the complications?

Lifestyle is so.much.easier!

Kiddo excited and eager for pictures? Great! Let's get right to it!

Kiddo hesitant and needs to warm up? No problem! Let me take 5 minutes to play with them and get to know them before we start!

Kiddo very shy and scared? No worries! I'll get started with babe and you can watch with her from the side - then we can start with family pictures so she eases into it!

I hope reading this has eased any concerns and sounds exactly what you were hoping for!

Are you ready to get more information or book your newborn session?

Great! Contact me so we can get started!


Have a look at some beautiful images with siblings.


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