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Retelling your Birth Story | Westchester Newborn Photography

I never tire of hearing birth stories...I had always assumed all mom's felt that way. Maybe not, I'm not sure. If I have the pleasure of working with you for a newborn session, please share your story - all the details you are comfortable sharing.

Do you enjoy sharing your story? Listening to other's stories? Did you need help recreating your story or did you remember all the details? Were you anxious to get it all in writing before the details faded or do you prefer the overall image of that precious time, without getting bogged down with details? I think all of it is beautiful. My memory has been strained since having kids but there are moments of each birth that are still so clear.

Doulas can play an important role in reliving your story. They are there for the whole thing and can help you piece it together, or perhaps tell you things you didn't notice...maybe your partner was constantly changing out washcloths for you, or adding ice to your water and you didn't realize.

Here is an article more on the importance of telling your story.


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