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Improving My Client Experience | Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

I am constantly on the lookout for ways I can improve my client experience.

Some things I already do -

-All session and pricing details available on searching or calling for details

-Seamless online booking system

-Accepting online credit card payments

-Devoted business phone number for better availability (I tend to let my personal line go to voicemail.......shhhh!)

-Pre session consultations

-Client closet for little ones and mom

-(if desired) online sneak peeks of your session

-Password protected online galleries for privacy

-Online download of high resolution images (no waiting for flash drives to be delivered!)

-Custom album, card and product designs

-Online ordering of prints directly from your gallery

-Direct shipping or delivery of products

-Provide print release if you want to print on your own

All that is great, but it is mostly industry standard and expected for a business. I want to go above and beyond!

In the past I have tried sending out small End of Year gifts to clients. I really, truly did love doing it and they were very well received. But, as we all know, the holiday season is hectic enough with our own families. Add in just winding down from my busy season of photography, and the time of researching, ordering, packing and shipping so many Holiday gifts at once was just too much.

I've been exploring different ways I can show my gratitude to my clients. Not only in a more unexpected way, but also spread out throughout the year so I could be more thoughtful about it. I have a few ideas up my sleeve which I will keep a true surprise for when the time comes. But this new one is just too exciting to not share now.

After browsing countless websites for just the right colors, tones and styles, I have found the most adorable rompers to gift to my expecting mamas! I wanted to stay consistent with my style - mostly neutrals, or earthy and very muted colors. I also wanted, and this can be very hard to find - no footies! I get the appeal of having footies on pajamas, but, if you decide to use this romper (no pressure!) for your session, I want those teeny munchable toes peeking out, there is nothing sweeter!

I am so happy I found these and can't wait to share them with you! These are a gift, to use as you please, but, if you prefer to dress babe in something besides a white onsie (what I usually recommend, and still love the simplicity of), know that you have an option that is a perfect alternative! After your session I hope you will get lots of use out of it and think of our day together each time you take it out!


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