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Ideas for becoming more eco-friendly

Way back when I was a new mom I was very motivated to be as eco-friendly as possible. I cloth diapered, breast fed, made and used cloth napkins, made my own laundry detergent, baby food...the list goes on. As time went on though, I lost motivation, found myself slipping into conveniences and losing some good habits.

Last year I began recommitting myself to small changes. Some things were forced because of the scarcity of certain items but other things we made a conscious effort to change. We started eliminating plastic where we could. Yes, the new law banning plastic grocery bags made me be better about remembering my reusable ones, but aside from that we started being more thoughtful in our purchases. We switched to cardboard packed pod detergent so there is no plastic containers used there (eventually I'd like to start making my own steps), We also switched to bar soap and bar shampoo. We recommitted to our composting and gardening and have cut way back on paper towel use by always having a stash of rags/towels at the ready.

This article has some tips that are easy enough to add to daily life. I personally like the idea of carrying reusable cutlery in the car, we don't eat on the go that often, but even just keeping a couple of our metal straws in the car may be a good start!

Let me know if you find any useful tips here!


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