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Handsome 1 Year Old Boy | Hudson Valley Cake Smash Photographer

I had the pleasure of working with this handsome little man 3 times! Our first session was for his newborn pictures where he won me over with his full head of hair and long lashes! Next came his sitter session. A sitter session is a great milestone to photograph. Parents can choose a month milestone or an activity milestone. It's nice to wait until they are sitting as it gives a bit more variety to the session, with sitting poses in addition to tummy time and laying on their back. Even if they aren't completely secure sitting on their own, I can often put them in a bucket or something to help give them that little extra support they still need. Finally, 1 short year after our first meeting, I got to see him again for his 1 year pictures.

He was a little unsure of me this time around, but with some patience and lots of being silly behind the camera we were able to get great shots and some genuine smiles from him!


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