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Before/After Image / Westchester Newborn Photographer

I'd like to start sharing some of my before and after photos from all of my sessions. I love looking at these types of photos for my own inspiration and growth, hopefully I can help inspire others as well!

This image was exposed well in camera for the lighting situation. It may seem dark at first, but with the bright light coming from the window, if I exposed any brighter in camera I would have lost details in the highlights. My style for lifestyle sessions has bright shadows but I could also see a different photographer using the contrast of highlights and shadows here to make a much moodier image!

For my edit, I brought up the shadows, decreased the contrast and balanced out the highlights and shadows (brights and darks). I also cropped in quite a bit, which my camera allows for. I love the peeking in the door shots during sessions, but having the gap on the hinge side of the door showing I thought was too distracting. I took out a couple of other small distractions, but decided to keep the light switch. Sometimes I would take something like that out, but in this case I thought it helped show that I was looking thru the entrance of the room. Aside from that I adjusted the white balance and added some of my usual custom touches to the photo and it is one of my favorite 'peeking in the door' shots!

Let me know if you would enjoy me continuing these before and after posts!


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