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I'm back! | Hudson Valley Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

It's been a while, I'm sorry. I tried to keep up...write some blog posts and stay in touch with everyone, but it just didn't happen. Things have been a little crazy...I know you get it!

But here I am now, ready to get back at it. Some new news, in case you didn't get my obnoxious pop up on the site...I am keeping the studio closed for the time being. All sessions will be in home lifestyle or outdoors. I already have a full schedule of outdoor cake smashes that I can't wait to share! That being said I'm taking safety very seriously. As always, being that I work with the littlest of models, safety comes first. In addition to things I have always done to ensure a safe environment, I have a few extra things I will be doing. Here are some of my precautions, old and new...

  • Refraining from gatherings or crowded public spaces.

  • Constant communication with clients and always being open about any sick family members. Also encouraging parents to be open and honest about their comfort level during the session.

  • I ask that clients are open with me about their potential level of exposure and to let me know of any illnesses in the immediate family.

  • Showering and wearing new clothes just before a session.

  • Wearing a mask whenever possible.

  • Removing shoes and putting on a fresh pair of socks when entering clients home.

  • Hand Sanitizer before and throughout session.

  • Lifestyle sessions require minimal handling of baby by photographer, but there are times when we would like the baby wrapped or re positioned. I will ask parents if they would like me to do these things or if they prefer to do it themselves.

  • Disinfecting all equipment, including cell phone before session.

I will continue with sessions in this nature as I work on a new plan for my studio for the future. Thank you for growing and adapting with me in this ever changing world!

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