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Studio News Regarding Virus Concerns | Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

At this point I think most everyone is on the same page about the severity of the corona virus and its implications on society. I'd like to share with you the things I have always done to keep myself and studio clean and safe for your newborn. However, if you still have concerns, please reach out to me. Safety is always my number one concern for baby, and that is not limited to posing during the session. I also keep my studio as clean as possible to keep baby safe.

Things I have always done and continue doing -

- I wash everything that touches baby's skin between every session. Wraps, outfits, all goes right in the can usually see me making a pile during a session...that's the wash pile.

- No street shoes in the newborn shooting area

-Surfaces get wiped with lysol before sessions. Luckily this is something that I have always kept a stock of, whether it be wipes or spray, I disinfect before sessions.

-Disinfect my gear. In addition to the room surfaces, my camera also gets a wipe down. This time of year I mainly shoot in studio so the camera isn't really exposed to anything, but it's just a good habit since I am constantly switching between touching it and then baby. Same goes for my phone, a quick wipe before a session.

- I put a fresh outfit on right before your session. I feel like this one is often overlooked, but I will be holding baby, sometimes right against my shirt - that is as important as my hands to keep clean.

-Washing hands - I wash my hands before you arrive and re sanitize before touching baby. I have a couple pumps of hand sanitize available for use throughout the session. If I run out of sanitizer before stores replenish, we will double down on hand washing.

-Hand drying - While I do change the hand towel by the sink out before each session, I also always keep paper towels out by the sink as well. The towel is fresh, but if you are more comfortable using the paper towels after washing your hands, please do! During sessions, I always use the paper towels.

-Transparency with any household illnesses. My studio is a dedicated space separate from my living area, but it is in my home. This has many advantages for me and my clients. I am always open and honest about any recent illnesses that have passed through my house. During this time I am trusting that my clients do the same. Please never bring a sick child in, I am always accommodating of rescheduling. But please also keep in mind if you have another family member who isn't feeling well at home that you may be carrying an illness. During this time, we all need to stay as healthy as possible to keep our immune systems strong.

-Vaccinated. Even though I would never work with a baby while not feeling well, I stay up to date on flu and whooping cough as an extra safety measure.

Things I am starting to do with the new virus concerns -

-elbow bumps. By the end of the session we have been chatting for a while, sharing stories, getting to know each other. You will be super excited about the pictures...and then we part ways....I usually go in for a hug and a peck on the cheek if the moment feels right...usually a nice friendly handshake for dad. I'm stopping that impulse...elbow bumps it is for now!

-no more starbucks office. I used to treat myself to an office day out of the office every once in a while. It's nice to get out of the house, sip some great coffee and get some work done. I always felt more productive working in a change of scenery (and away from my ever growing pile of laundry). I put the kibosh on my starbucks office times for now though....maybe I'll actually catch up on laundry!

- no shoes. I've always avoided shoes in the newborn shooting area, but I'm getting stricter with that - shoes off at the door. I keep new, wrapped yoga socks here for you if you have bare feet and would like them!

-more mopping. Luckily, my cleaning routine is pretty thorough to begin with, so not much more I can do with that. I will be mopping more frequently though. Even though shoes come off, who just makes me feel better.


I hope everything I just listed helps ease your worries some. Things are changing daily here and I understand everyone is feeling helpless and on edge. Always feel free to reach out with any concerns...we will work together to come up with a plan that works for both of us!

Thanks for reading - stay safe!

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