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Mindfulness for Childbirth | Westchester Newborn Photographer

This article asks the question "Can Mindfulness Ease Childbirth Pain?" I'd like to answer with an affirmative 'Yes'.

Two little tidbits about me...

1) I attempted to learn hypnobirthing by CD (yes I'm dating myself) with my second pregnancy. I never thought for a second that I would actually be able to hypnotize myself, but, the methods taught in the program was a lot of visualization and mindfulness techniques. I 100% believe that aided me in my labor.

2) I recently attended a 3 day silent meditation retreat. If you'd like to hear more about it, I'm happy to share - it was an amazing experience I highly recommend. The 3 days was completely focused on mindfulness. Not only the guided meditations, but every moment in between we were encouraged to be mindful - of the sensations while we walked, ate and breathed. My practice wavers but I was at one point dedicated enough to know the benefits. Again, I have no doubt that mindfulness would help during childbirth and labor.

I only glanced through the article as I don't have to be convinced, but maybe there are some good points in here for you!

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