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London Art Galleries Portraying a Maternal Mindshift | Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

Okay, this is in London...maybe this will reach someone who is across the pond. But I thought it was a worthwhile share regardless...maybe we will see a similar art show in New York City.

What I found most interesting in this article is that the right of passage to motherhood is a time of change and uncertainty for women, much like adolescence, yet no one speaks of it as such. A different show that just ended calls it "Matrescence" and explored it through art.

The current show information can be found here

and is described best in this passage -

"Despite the fact that this experience can affect more than half of the population, it has often been minimised. Until the 20th century, many women spent most of their adult life pregnant, yet little in the history of art would indicate this. It is a wrong the Foundling Museum in London—itself founded in the 18th century as a children’s charity that subsequently became the first public art gallery in the UK— is trying to right in Portraying Pregnancy: from Holbein to Social Media."

Here is the full article -

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