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New Mom Doula Support | Hudson Valley Maternity Photographer

I decided for 2020 I want to build up my network of people who support new moms. I meet many pregnant women who are about to have their first baby and enter a new world where we often have many questions and doubts. Also new mothers who are possibly exhausted and needing an extra set of hands, especially when dad goes back to work. I want to be able to point these moms to the best local resources.

I reached out to local Doula, Janet Gordon, who was open to my idea of building this network. We met for coffee and had a wonderful time chatting about the support new moms need and how she is able to help them. I loved hearing her own story of how she came to realize the importance of Doulas, not only for labor support, but also for post partum support.

She told me how she will fill whatever role mom needs. I think a common misconception is that Doulas are there to help with the baby, but really, they are there to help YOU so you can spend the time you need bonding with baby. Yes, sometimes this may mean holding baby so you can take a shower...but it can also be cooking you breakfast. We all know our own needs get pushed aside for baby's. Or just cleaning the house so you can not be stressed about it and are able to sit and recover and bond with your new child. Our bodies need time to rebound from birth and many are so anxious to get back to a daily routine.

Janet is also able to provide some lactation support, such as proper latch and different positions to try, but also knows when it is time to see a doctor or certified lactation consultant.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet and learn from Janet "Brewster Doula". I hope we have more opportunities to connect in the future. I plan on continuing to reach out and grow and be able to provide a resource list to mom's of individuals I have personally met and can vouch for.

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