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Storing Breast Pump Parts | Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

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I love chatting all things delivery and newborn related with my clients. Unfortunately returning to work seems like such a distant hurdle so the subject rarely comes up. Yet, for parents returning to work, as soon as the routines begin to set in and you feel like you are beginning to get a handle on everything, it is time to go back to work, starting new routines and new challenges.

What this article addresses may seem trivial to some, but it was seriously life changing for me.

I remember the day clearly, I was relatively new to the office space I was in - my job let me switch positions so I could have a more flexible schedule with the baby arriving. I was lucky enough to have a private office so pumping space was never an issue (as the company later expanded, they were amazingly accommodating of pumping moms and had a wonderful space with private rooms, outlets, wifi and sink and fridge for all of our needs).

After I pumped though, I needed to store the milk...I had a cooler bag that I would put in the communal fridge so it was all concealed and not grossing anyone out...but what about all the pump parts? They needed to be washed out.

Washing them in the bathroom just seemed unsanitary to me, so my only other option was the breakroom kitchen sink. It was fine for my needs, but a bit embarrassing to be washing these personal items in front of everyone. Well, I put my big girl panties on and did it anyways as I was determined to meet my breastfeeding goals.

One of the first few days, as I stood at the sink, a fellow mom came up to me and shared her experience that I could just store them in a ziplock bag, refrigerated, and wash them once at the end of the day. In that instance it seemed such an obvious solution, but it never dawned on me!

Besides saved embarrassment it also saved me time of having to wash these parts after every use. So, my cooler got a little bigger and it now stored bottles (or was it bags?) of pumped milk and my pump equipment. Problem solved!

Enjoy the article, it does express to use caution and to not expose the items to germs...of course, use your best judgement and always consult with your doctor!

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