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New Baby Registry Idea | Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

One of the perks of being a maternity and newborn photographer is that I spend a lot of time chatting with new moms...I get to see and hear about new gear and trends.

One of the new trends I have been seeing with baby registries is to create a list of items, but not at a specific store...the gift giver can choose where to purchase. I remember back to when I registered and I kept thinking, for so many items I would have been happy buying second hand or getting hand me downs and it seemed so wasteful to buy everything new when it would be used for such a short time.

While this link does not solve the above problem, getting services instead of items can leave you with the flexibility to use hand me downs or buy your own second hand.

I love the idea of asking for services instead of items. There are quite a few I would add to this list though that I don't see there. Having a new baby is such a huge life adjustment and getting help around the house can be so beneficial. Things like meal services, restaurant gift cards, post partum doulas and house cleaning would all be so appreciated!

Of course there is one service I think all new mom's should have...newborn photography! Please contact me if you would like to set something up to help ask for a newborn session for your shower!

To see more about registering for services, read this article.

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