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Amazing decluttering find! | Hudson Valley Newborn Photography

This article comes at a perfect time of year!

In this house there are 2 things that are in abundance around the holidays...boxes and extra stuff. As a mom of 3 I find it hard to make it to the store often, so most of my holiday shopping is done online. I'm so excited to find out about this service. As the clutter builds up and we have the kids make room for new belongings, it is great to know of services where their used items can go to good use.

With the holidays now behind us, I can see this service also being useful to my pregnant newborn clients! I can remember back to my baby shower and looking at all.those.boxes. Why do babies need so much stuff?! We also know that when baby comes we may have to clear out some of our old things...seems like a perfect scenario!

And of my least favorite chores is breaking down and flattening boxes (just ask my husband!) instead I can just fill it up and ship it off! I will update after I get a chance to use this service...if you use it be sure to leave a comment with how it went!

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