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The stages of a Cake Smash | Danbury Child Photographer

This cute little girl cut me no slack during her pink and gold cake smash session. I swear I could see her hating me thru her eyes and just hear her thoughts..."I don't care if you are my Aunt," Good thing she is cute! We went thru some traditional portraits, or as I like to call them 'before' pictures. She was more or less miserable (but don't worry, we did get some cute ones!) We decided to stop torturing her and move on to cake...she likes cake! Let me tell you, the expressions this kid made during the cake smash made up for all her hating on me in the beginning!

So let me use this expressive child to take you through the stages of a cake smash. For all but the most daring children, most cake smashes follow some variation of these reactions and expressions.

1. I don't get it...why are you sitting me here?

2. Wait...this is for me? I can touch it? Are you sure????

3. Okay, just a little touch.

4. What else can I do with this thing??

5. I can't help myself...I'm going in!

6. I did it!

7. Ahhhh, that was scary!

8. Oh wait, give me a second to taste this....

9. Yes, I like this...I'll take more!

10. But it's too much work, can you cut me a piece?

11. Much better!

12. Still too much work, I'm bored now.

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