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The S Family | Westchester Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

There are so many great things to say about this family, but let's start with the love they have for their dog! This pup wasn't about to take a back seat to any newborn baby! Starting with their inquiry for a newborn session I knew a lifestyle session would be right up their alley. It was important to mom that their dog be a part of the newborn session as much as he is a part of their family. That and with baby being a little older, they were the perfect fit for one of my lifestyle newborn sessions.

Just like I would with any older sibling, when I got to the house I spent a few minutes just giving the dog lots of attention. I admit, it was a little selfish of me...I partly did it because he was just so darn cute and I wanted some snuggles! We started the session with a quick tour of the master bedroom and nursery, the two main locations I use for lifestyle sessions. The nursery was just beautiful with tons of attention to detail and handmade items from lots of friends and family. I knew I needed to capture some details from the nursery for them to treasure!

Mom did a fabulous job coordinating colors, tones and textures of their wardrobes and they blended seamlessly with the houses decor. I always think the best sign of a good wardrobe in photos is that you don't notice it. You don't want to look at a picture and have your first thought be 'what a beautiful shirt'. Unless it is a stylized shoot, the clothes should be there to provide a canvas to highlight the subjects and interactions of the pictures.

I asked mom and dad to get cozy on their bed with baby how ever was natural to them. It is sometimes hard for parents to settle in to natural interactions when I am hovering. I used this time to capture the details in the nursery. It gave them a few minutes to get comfortable without me around. Of course the dog made himself right at home and joined in on the snuggles.

Have a look at some of these intimate moments with this gorgeous family.

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