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Newborn Calming Technique | Westchester Newborn Photographer

I have found that parents love when I share the calming techniques I use during my newborn sessions so they may use them day to day at home. One thing I must say though is that some things I do for a short period of time during a session may not be suitable for longer periods. As always, it's best to talk to a doctor.

Often times parents are in disbelief at how sleepy the baby is during a session. I have a few methods I use and am constantly learning new things to add to my arsenal. I have always used white noise during my sessions, usually by using a white noise app on my phone. This has sometimes backfired though when I forget to shut my ringer off and a text comes thru! I wanted to find something that was safe and effective. In comes the baby shusher.

The baby shusher isn't quite white 'shushes' much in the way a person would make the shushing sound to a crying baby. As new moms know, that can be exhausting or inconvenient to constantly be shushing. As the device itself comes with a built in 15 and 30 minute timer, it is indicated that it is intended more for calming an upset baby than using through the night for sleeping.

I have started using this device during my sessions, it comes on a small lanyard, which I like because I can hang it off my cart which is always near by, but not too close to baby. It seems to be really effective and is extremely popular with newborn photographers. It does get a bit annoying after a while though and I will likely also add a steady white noise machine to my tools for when baby is sleeping well and reserve this shusher for when baby is being fussy. I got my baby shusher from amazon along with so many of my gadgets! It has great reviews on there, but always remember to talk to your pediatrician about safe volume levels. Let me know how it works for you!

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