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A day of learning with Ana Brandt | Brooklyn, NY workshop

There are a few photographers who come to mind when I think of 'industry leaders' and newborn photographers who inspire me. Ana Brandt is right at the top of that list. I have purchased many of her online training resources already, but it has always been on my bucket list to train with her in person. When I saw she was coming to New York City, I knew I had to jump at the opportunity. Her workshops fill up ridiculously quick and I was lucky enough to catch the announcement right after it went out. I think it filled up with in hours and then she announced a second session which also sold out.

Picture of newborn photographer with Ana Brandt at a newborn posing workshop

Here is a picture of me with Ana. She has a way of making you feel like you've known each other your whole life. The workshop was great in that it gave you lots of hands on time with a baby, one on one wrapping, posing and lighting critique from Ana and best of all for me, she would look right at the back of your camera and offer pointers on the pictures themselves. No minor details went unnoticed. I was really pleased that everything I did was right on track (except designing fluff around the baby...that was totally new to me and I just purchased some so I can work with it more and incorporate it into sessions!). The confidence that comes from hearing someone as esteemed as Ana say "Yes, that's exactly right" or "who posed that baby, that is perfect!" was worth the trip to the workshop all by itself.

I also learned some great workflow tips to start incorporating which will hopefully make my sessions go faster with MORE!

I am proud to be able to display my new certificate and logo "Trained by Ana Brandt!"

Trained by Ana Brandt Logo

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