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Christmas Newborn Boy | Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

I love being able to use Christmas sets in a newborn photoshoot. The window of time for this is so short and I was so blessed to have several Christmas babies this year! In addition to Christmas photos this mom had a couple of her own props to use. I asked her to send me pictures ahead of time so I could plan to use them as best as possible, not only for the cutest pictures, but so we kept a good flow to the session as well. This Mickey outfit, I learned from her, is from the original Mickeys...or something like that, don't quote me! She knew the details and I was curious as I had never seen a Mickey hat like this before. I love that it adds a traditional spin to the Mickey ears!

The parents were just so awesome and patient and game for anything during the session. I just love especially when Dads are into it!

Check out some of their pictures!

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