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The L Family | Family Maternity Session in Studio | Carmel NY Maternity Photographer

We thought about trying to have this family maternity session outdoors but the weather just didn't cooperate. Especially when there is a little one involved, shooting on location in the winter can be so tricky and unpredictable.

We came to the studio instead and used two different backdrops for different looks. The first one was my backlit white backdrop with the backlighting on white it gives a very clean, glowing image as opposed to just a white backdrop with no back light. I only started offering these shots in the last couple of months and they are quickly becoming one of my favorite looks!

We also used a tan (mocha to be exact!) backdrop for a little variety - it is a timeless look that will display nicely in any space.

And I haven't mentioned yet, but this big brother to be was just the most adorable boy. A little shy, but the way he hugged his momma's belly was cute enough to melt any heart!

I can't wait to see them again for their newborn photo session!

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