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Older Newborn Boy | Carmel Newborn Photographer

This handsome fellow came into me at 6 weeks old! That is one whole month older than I recommend for pictures! I let Mom know that typical newborn poses may not be possible but we would still get some beautiful wrapped images of her handsome little boy. Older newborns typically don't sleep as well for their sessions and keeping them wrapped helps keep them settled and those cute pudgy arms and legs contained so they aren't flailing about in their photos.

When she arrived I let her get settled in the studio and asked her to take baby out of carseat and get him down to just a diaper and I would be right back. I expected to come back to an awake, alert baby. Nope, he was fast asleep in her arms. My original plan was to wrap him up to start and then if we got lucky I would slowly unwrap him after a while and do some partially wrapped and maybe some unwrapped poses. This dream model though was in a nice deep sleep and I figured I would try starting off with some unwrapped poses. He let me get thru a couple of poses and some basket pictures before he started to get unsettled! At that point we already had a nice variety for a gallery.

Here are some of my favorites of this big boy!

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