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Simple Props in Newborn Photography | Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

I admit...I am guilty of using Pinterest when designing a newborn set. How can you not, there are so many creative ideas out there! But... I only use it as a starting inspiration for my own creations. Many times a parent will come to me with an idea or a sentimental item from home they would like to include in their newborn session. That's when the wheels start turning - how can I include this prop, while staying true to my style, keeping baby safe and work the item into my workflow to minimize disturbing baby during the session? I also enjoy expanding my newborn prop stash by making or purchasing new items to keep my images fresh and my creativity flowing.

I like to think of my style as simple, classic, understated and a little rustic. While I do like to incorporate a set with a theme, it is usually a subtle nod. Never do I want to take the attention away from the adorable baby who is the most important subject of the picture.

Fall colors with some sparse leaves, a beautiful, simple Christmas outfit with some greens. There is so much inspiration out there, in all different styles, but simple and understated is where my vision usually ends up.

Sometimes I do like to get a little more daring with color, but never until I know we have some classic portraits you will treasure forever. For that reason, my sessions usually start with neutral, classic colors and then move on from there.

I hope you decide to use me because you are drawn to my style. There are many newborn photographers out there and I look at is as a community, not a competition. We each have our own style, some use props much more elaborately than myself. Look around and find a photographer who's style you love. You only get one chance at these pictures!

Maybe you saw your friend's newborn pictures and loved them, or perhaps you came upon me on your own Google search for Hudson Valley Newborn Photographers. Either way, I hope that you love my work and trust me to cultivate your ideas into a creation you will love.

These ideas may start with a crocheted outfit you thought was cute, something you saw on Pinterest, or most common, a sentimental item you want to include in your photos. Many like to bring in a gifted blanket, work accessories or sports memorabilia. Either way, I love taking an idea, adding my own creative touches and providing you with images you are excited about!

There are some very funny articles floating around on the web about 'Pinterest Fails'. To be honest, sometimes I look at these and wonder which picture was the original and which photo was the 'fail'. I'd like to think many of these newborn prop ideas could be done so much better, usually with the mindset of 'less is more'.

Keeping it simple is something that took me a while to embrace, but now that I have, the results make my heart happy. Do you have an idea you would like to incorporate into your newborn session, let's chat!

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