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Parent and Family Newborn Pictures | Carmel Newborn Photographer

The parent pictures always seem to cause stress...I get it...and I'm here to help! From 1 week postpartum mom, to wardrobe choices and color choices, it can be overwhelming...but it doesn't have to be, I promise! In fact, especially with newborn photos, simple is always better!

The parent photos are always cropped in close to capture all the true love and adoring emotions you all are just brimming with in those first days. No need to worry about shoes or even what pants you are wearing...can anyone say - maternity yoga pants?! If there is another sibling, some of your pants may get in the picture as they will likely be sitting on a lap. You'll see some examples of this below...spoiler alert...maternity yoga pants are still okay!

Colors? Again, keep it simple. Always strive for simple and timeless, this keeps the attention on the baby and your connection together. It makes for images you will be happy to hang on your walls and pass down for puff shoulder dresses, okay? My one suggestion here is to decide on light or dark and have everyone similar, this way no one person stands out, and again, the attention stays on the connection and emotion. Also, our eyes will come to rest on the smallest model in the photograph...the star of the show. My typical wardrobe advice applies too, nothing too bright, no logos and no bold patterns. That advice is actually more important than ever, it's so easy to lose the center of attention on baby when there is too much distraction in the image.

Backdrop color? Mine are all neutral, so really, you can't go wrong. When uncertain, I ask, where will you hang this photo? Think of the colors of your walls, do you have warmer earthy tones like beige or green? Or cooler crisp tones like light grey or blue? Stick with the same tones...I have a few choices to show you.

Take a look at the galleries below, I have 4 choices - a rich warm tan color, a light beige color, light grey or a backlit white. See what appeals to you, and if you still aren't sure, I'm happy to make the choice when you get here and see what I think will look best with skin tones, hair color and wardrobe choices.

Throughout the time before your session, I'm here to assist in any of these decisions. As always, please don't hesitate to contact me whether you are already booked and anxiously waiting for baby, or just starting to research photographers and have some questions. I can't wait to work with you!

1 - warm tan

2 - light beige

3 - light grey

4 - backlit white

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