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Announcing Big Sister! | Carmel Newborn Photography

I always make an effort to swoon over the new big sibling before the newborn. It's such a big change for them, and even the photo session revolves around the baby, so it is important to me to give them a little time to feel special. And of course to thank them for doing such a great job when they are done.This big sister was just so happy in her new role and so helpful to Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad did a great job of bringing things along for her to keep her occupied and entertained! She was a great listener and so so good with her new baby brother.

Having two kids now, it was important to Mom to get lots of family and sibling we did! Of course we also got pictures of just the new baby as well. Such a handsome little man he was!

Here are a few of my favorites from the newborn session.

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