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The importance of prints

I came across this wonderfully written blog post by I would like to share with you.

It speaks to exactly why I include a print credit with all of my sessions. Yes, I also give digital files and a print release so clients may print on their own, but...I would guess that many would download the images with great intentions and let months and months slip by without ever doing anything with them.

I see the value of digital images for sharing, so will continue to include them, but I like to know that clients have good quality professional prints as well. After all, doesn't it seems silly to spend time, effort and money on a professional photo session and not have any prints?

Insider tip...I will soon be restructuring my pricing to encourage printing LARGE! Use those credits to ensure quality on the things you will hang!

Happy Printing!

The blog post:

This is the only time I've ever posted a picture from my cell phone here, but I wanted to show my favorite big print that I have made for our family! It measures 20"x 36"

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