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Cropping wisely! Putnam Newborn Photographer

I was looking for a visual way to present this and thanks to Sacha Blue Photographer was able to download this handy customizable template. Thank you!

I hope this helps you visualize what happens with different crops and to understand, sometimes certain photos just can't be cropped to certain sizes. Keep in mind, the closer up a shot (think newborn detail shots), the more likely parts of the photo will be cut out.

As a photographer, I do take a few precautions (of which I won't bore you with) to help ensure that your print will look good in most crops, but it still happens. I want to help my clients be aware of this and feel confident in ordering their own prints with their downloaded digitals and print release.

This chart shows you all of the common crop sizes to choose from, so if one isn't working...try a different ratio! Of course, when you order through your online gallery with me, I will work with you to make sure all your prints look good and are cropped properly!

Thanks for looking!

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