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It's not too late for a newborn shoot!

Hey new moms...this one's for you! Not a new mom? Share this with one you know!

Have you been browsing newborn photography while cuddling your precious 3 week old? I can sense the longing... wishing you had thought of doing this sooner since 'the ideal age for a newborn shoot is 5-10 days old'? It's not too late!! Contact me!!

There are some differences between early newborn shoots and later ones, but they are all still beautiful! And honestly, sometimes there is no difference...every baby is different! I always talk with my clients before our shoots and we will go over our goals and priorities and talk about expectations and worst case scenarios...EVERY mom worries her baby is going to be the one that cries the entire session. I have many tricks for keeping baby content, with a little patience we always get great shots...promise!

So, if you want newborn pictures but just aren't sure if it's too late...give me a call, let's talk - I bet you will be surprised what wonderful pictures we can still get!

Here are a few examples of babies who were 3-4 weeks old.

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