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New...referral program!

At the end of the year I took some time to reflect on my first year in business and how much I truly appreciated all of my clients. I know there are a ton of photographers out there, and I am honored when someone chooses me, for whatever the reason.

I'd like to start showing my appreciation...with a print credit.

The rules?

-The new client must book and complete a full session - portrait, newborn, family, doesn't matter...just not a mini.

-Whomever the new client tells me referred them will get the credit...only one referring client per new customer. So tell them to let me know it was YOU :)

-Your print credit can be used on old sessions if I still have them archived (remember the agreement...sessions older than 6 months...but ask, I may still have it!).

-It can also be used on a new session which is booked within one year.

-No limit on print credits...refer 10 new clients?...get $500 in print credits!

I think that's it...I hope to be in touch with some past clients soon!

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