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Fall Mini Sessions!

What is a mini session? It's an opportunity to get photos done without a lot of commitment -time or money. You get a chance to get a few nice photos, whether it be for holiday cards or to hang on your wall without the commitment of a full session.

What it isn't? It isn't customized or with multiple locations/sets - I have a theme or a location and we stick to it...remember, not a lot of time! If you can't decide if you want to dress your daughter up in her fanciest dress or cute shirt and jeans, or aren't sure if you want to mix in some different backdrops...then you may be looking for a full session...just contact me and we can chat about it!

Ready to book your fall mini session and have your photos ready for Holiday Cards? There are still spots left! Contact me to set up a time and ask any questions! Hope to hear from you!

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