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A 'Just Because' Photoshoot

I love my studio, I really do. I adore shooting newborns, they bring peace to my soul and help me find my happy place like nothing else can. I love the subtle creativity that goes along with photographing babies. Creating a natural but posed and neutral yet interesting image. Yet, I have been itching to take my camera outside again. Despite a mild winter, I just haven't got outside to shoot much lately. I'm hoping this shoot will be the first of many.

This session was the sum of a mom approved outfit (from the closet, not bought), 15 minutes and some bribery. Yep, 15 minutes. Imagine what I can do for you, at your beck and call, for 2 hours of family shooting!...or less if you tell me to get lost!

So the 'just because' of this photoshoot was - 'just because' she let me, 'just because' it is getting warm, and most importantly - 'just because' I don't want to wish I had more photographs of her 9 years from now, when she is graduating High School.

The grass may still be brown but this girl's baby blues can sure light up an image!

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