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Why Rustic Hive Photography?

When I asked for opinions on the name "Rustic Hive" I got a distinct split in opinions. Opinion 1 - "But it has nothing to do with photography - why would you name it that??" and Opinion 2 - "oooh, I love it, the best name EVER, it's totally fitting, I think of you when I hear it!". Okay, maybe I exaggerated the gushing opinion but...I'm stubborn, I liked it, it has meaning to me so I stuck with it.

The meaning you ask? I knew you would! We have honey bees and chickens and a garden...I always wanted a homestead that is self sufficient and sells homemade goods. Turns out that is a LOT of work...and I'm not that good at gardening (can that just be our little secret, please?). Well, anyways, I was going to call our homestead The Rustic Hive. That never really panned out, but meanwhile photography took over my time and attention and it only seemed right to pass the name along. And I like it, darn it.

So, while Rustic Hive may not exude imagery of cute dimples, innocent smiles or dashing lads, it does imply my natural organic roots. And at Rustic Hive Photography I try to keep it organic. Keeping it simple keeps the attention on your subject, which in the end is what you came to me to capture. While I love an occasional splash of color, I try to incorporate it to be cohesive with your image, so the attention is still on your child, baby, family - whomever you came to me to photograph. So there it is, now you can sleep soundly...the 'why' behind 'Rustic Hive Photography'.

While I have your I still have your attention?!? Let me introduce my company's name sake - our hive...

This was our first inspection of the year and the ladies are off to a great start! Our oldest got her feet wet for the first time, helping dad with the hive - I love how she starts off at a good safe viewing distance and slowly works her way in closer and before you know it, she's brushing dead bees off of the frames! And let me just add how much I *love* that I left a bright turquoise baby pool in the background. Don't worry - that is NOT the splash of color I will incorporate in your pictures!! Please, visit my gallery to see for yourself!

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