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A new year, a new chance to complete a 365 project (366 this year - leap year!). I guess a 365 can be different for everyone. For me - it makes me take my camera out every day - no matter what. Makes me learn how to shoot in all lighting conditions. It has helped me tremendously find good light in my house, compose images to be more interesting and maybe even tell a story. But the best part for me? Looking back at all the images that I've captured and ORGANIZED (did I mention it helps me keep at least my favorite pictures organized??).

Telling the story of our family over the year in pictures is a priceless treasure - whether the day happens to be a snapshot (hey - ya gotta get that picture in) or a well planned portrait.

First picture of the year 1/366- A snap right after the ball drops - confetti on the tv screen, 12:00 on the clock and a tired 6 year old who fought to stay up so late.


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