Mini Session Information

2019 Studio Mini Sessions are now available for booking.  More information available here.

Mini sessions are currently only offered in the fall.  Many clients love the opportunity for a small session to get holiday card photos.  Short 15 minute sessions take place back to back on a predetermined date and themed set.  Time is limited and customization cannot be accommodated. If you would like a session more tailored to your needs, please consider a full family session, I would love to work with you!

$150 Session Includes:

15 minute session

Viewing gallery, typically 10-15 images

5 favorite digital images to download

Additional images $30 or $150 for full gallery

Things to consider for your next mini session:


Arrive Early

Arrive 10 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time for last minute issues that may arise.  Mini Sessions are scheduled back to back and any amount of time that you're late will directly impact the length of your session.  Please consider children who may need to 'warm up' and leave extra time before your session for this.  For children who are extremely shy, I can usually win them over, but it sometimes takes a while.  Please consider a full family session.

What To Wear

Planning what to wear for your photo session can be fun with the proper preparation!  When picking out your outfits, pick out the outfit for the most difficult to dress person first (if your family is like mine, that would be Mom (me)!) and then plan everyone else's outfits around that one.  

For this year's session I recommend light neutral colors, keeping any colors soft and muted.

General suggestions -

Remember too many patterns are really busy for the eye when looking at a group.  Consider limiting patterns to one person.  Check out this Pinterest link with some beautiful ideas for colors and  sample outfits for the whole family.

Bright and neon colors generally don't photograph well, also steer away from logos and graphic tees.  You may want to play with layers and bold accessories for added interest instead.  For affordable casual coordinating family outfits, Primark, Old Navy and H&M are great places to start.  There are also lots of online stores who have fun dresses for girls if you prefer to go that route.  Mom, if you aren't sure what to wear or are self conscious, consider a flowy maxi dress with some accessories...believe it or not, Forever 21 has some great options!

Have fun!

Relaxed parents = Beautiful portraits!  I aim to make every session as stress free and relaxed as possible.  Children are usually at ease during family portraits when they can interact with the parents.  If the child is hesitant to sit alone, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  Occasionally I will use tic tacs to win their hearts.  If you prefer me not to, please just let me know.

Gallery & Delivery

All sessions will be delivered by an online gallery with a link to download.  The digital images are high resolution and you will also have a print release to print where you prefer.  While your gallery is active you will have the option of buying prints directly from my professional printing lab.  If you prefer, you may place your order there.  I will receive your order and then personally prepare the file and send to the lab.

All galleries will be delivered within 14 days.

I will select the best out of the best and if there are more than the amount of images that come with your session then I will upload the total amount to the gallery and then you will favorite the digital images you want and have the option to upgrade to additional images for $30/image or the full gallery for an additional $150.  Final photos delivered are photographers choice and extra photos are not guaranteed.  

Newborn and Family Photography

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