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Little Babe, Big Bed

Once upon a time I could lay my sweet babe in the middle of the bed like this. That time lasted for approximately a nano second. Some days it feels like it happened yesterday, other days it seems like an eon ago. A faded memory of a simpler day.

So small, fragile and innocent, surrounded by the never ending comforter. Maybe I laid her there just for a moment while I quickly changed out of my pjs. Or maybe it was so I could watch her sleep as I folded laundry. Either way, I knew, lying in the center of my comparatively enormous bed, she was safe.

Then the second hand turned. There was rolling. No longer could I trust my bed to watch over her in my absence. Yet, while standing there watching, she could roll and play with little interference on my part. The laundry could still be folded.

Another turn of the second hand. Crawling. And dare I say, a sense of adventure and humor? Not only could the bed no longer keep her safe but it became a cliff of imminent doom. It seemed to call to her as she raced to the edge, squealing in delight.

A few more turns of the clock. Perhaps in a different sense, but the bed provides safety again. Our bed was always open to our children at any time of the night to come sleep with us, a place of safety and snuggles at any age. Some nights require more snuggles than others. Some nights I am exasperated at my lack of space, but I know these days will pass. That once enormous bed is now crowded and cramped, but, I hope, still a place of safety and comfort.

I usually try to do some of our newborn session in the main bedroom. This, right here, is why. This bed will hold so many memories. Remember the safety, the snuggles and the sniffles that all happened in this bed. Remember how tiny they looked, how safe they felt, and how, at any age, they knew how to perfectly nestle their way in and create their own safe space...right next to you.

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