Newborn Safety | Photography sessions with a Sibling | Hudson Valley Newborn Photographer

October 15, 2018




When a newborn has an older sibling, of course, Mom and Dad want to have pictures of their children together!  The moments between the two are precious and it is wonderful to have them captured!  I have photographed newborns together with their older sibling from ages 1 to teenagers.  There are quite a few options of how to pose the siblings together and what you choose will differ depending on the age and demeanor of the sibling.  Sibling shots are always possible to do safely, even with the most rambunctious children!!


There are a lot of things to consider when including a sibling in a newborn session.  The number one factor, always, when working with a newborn, is safety.  I follow general guidelines depending on age for which poses will work, but, I always have a conversation with Mom beforehand on her comfort level for letting older sibling hold or lay with the newborn.  And of course - going back to safety - what you don't see in the picture, is that Mom or Dad is always right next to the baby...or, and I'll get to this more later...the resulting picture is Photoshop magic and baby and sibling were never actually next to each other!


Of course it is always great to get genuine, organic interactions...but sometimes with a boisterous 2 year old or unpredictable 1 year old, that just isn't safe.


Here is my general breakdown of poses based on siblings age.  This, of course, will vary depending on the temperament of the child and how well they can follow directions.



1 - 3 Years Old

 or has a hard time following directions


Sitting next to baby

Laying next to baby

Sitting next to an EMPTY bucket and using Photoshop to combine the two images together during editing.  This is also a great tool to use because sometimes the bucket can be a tricky pose and baby AND sibling aren't ready for it at the same time!


Plan B is to have older sibling lay alone and baby lay alone and combine the photos in Photoshop.