Holiday Box Session


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Holiday Themed Box Sessions will be offered mid September thru mid November, in time to order holiday cards!

Book your session!

Each session includes:


  • Pre-session consultation

  • Custom designed box interactions

  • 9 box digital collage for download (sized 20x20)

  • 1 individual box digital image for download

  • Custom Holiday Card Template on

  • Gallery uploaded to for easy card and print orders

  • Up to 3 cross overs (individuals interacting with another box)


  • Additional individual box digital downloads $20

  • Extra cross overs $20

*Please be aware, the images do not come as individual files as that requires additional processing/editing.  Your gallery will include 2 images - a 9 box collage and 1 individual box of the full family for you to download.  In addition, on there will be a gallery with your 2 images, plus a card front with the 9 box collage and a card back with the individual box.  The card templates are for card ordering only and are not able to be downloaded.  


Due to the uniqueness of this session, it is necessary to keep the collage as large as possible on a 5x7 holiday card.  For this reason, these images will be used for the front and back of a custom card.  I have printed my own box  on a 5x7 card and it is big enough to enjoy and share!  Below are pictures of the front and back of my card, we will use a questionnaire to pick the colors and wording of your choice.  You can of course use the images to design your own card, but these are provided for your convenience since finding a card to fit these images may be difficult.

escaravage card front.jpg

What To Wear

Planning what to wear for your photo session can be fun with the proper preparation!  When picking out your outfits, pick out the outfit for the most difficult to dress person first (if your family is like mine, that would be Mom (me)!) and then plan everyone else's outfits around that one.  

Some of my usual wardrobe guidelines include avoiding logos, patterns and bright colors, but these box sessions are meant to be FUN!  As you can see from the photos of my family above, I threw some of these rules out the window...that is for you to decide!  For these sessions I recommend casual wardrobe or pajamas.  

Have fun!

Relaxed parents = Beautiful portraits!  I aim to make every session as stress free and relaxed as possible.  We will plan our box interactions ahead of time, in order to be efficient. This is especially essential when planning box interactions.  These boxes are very interactive and while the kids are playing with props, they may not even realize they are having their photo taken!  If the child is hesitant to sit alone, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  Occasionally I will use tic tacs to win their hearts.  If you prefer me not to, please just let me know.

Gallery & Delivery

All sessions will be delivered by an online gallery with a link to download.  The digital collage will print up to 20 inches square.  While you will have a print release to print where you prefer, for your convenience I will also have a gallery for you on my consumer lab of choice,  You can print with them directly through this link.  They offer a wide variety of products, including cards.  The digital collage will print best on wall art that does not require a frame.  My personal preferences are standouts and metal.  While canvas will work, the individual boxes are small so you may lose some detail in the texture of the canvas.  

Due to the extensive editing required of these sessions, please allow up to 3 weeks for gallery delivery.  For this reason, I stop doing holiday sessions the weekend before Thanksgiving.

If you would like any of the images from your collage as an individual box, please let me know, I will send an invoice and prepare the image for you.