1st and 2nd Year Sessions

The first year is full of such fun milestones to capture!  Whether you are having a session of portraits, a cake smash or a full session with both, it is so fun to see their personalities come thru and capture all those adorable chubby fingers, toes and rolls before they fade away!  I offer a variety of bundle packages with discounts those who want to capture multiple milestones throughout the first year.  Popular milestones are tummy time, sitting up and first birthday.  Please see 'Baby Plans' for bundling options.

2nd Birthday sessions are fun as well with my messy paint sessions!  Let your growing artist express their creativity and you get to go home with your own unique work of art!  Pricing for 2 year sessions are the same as 1 yr - just replace the cake smash with painting!


I have designed my packages to give you flexibility in choosing what you would like to capture at the session.  All sessions with ‘general portraits’ include a family and sibling picture. I cannot offer family portraits during cake smash only sessions.  My studio is not suited for a full family session, but can accommodate one group picture during a child portrait session. If you are looking for more than one or two pictures as a family, please consider an outdoor family session when the weather is suitable or a lifestyle session in your home.  



I have several 1 year old outfits which go nicely with my sets available for you to use. I am constantly expanding my client wardrobe and will discuss with you what is available before your session.



For your cake, I recommend Brittany Pepper from ‘One Pickled Pepper’.  She has smash cakes starting at $35 for Rustic Hive Photography clients and I have worked with her on many occasions.  She is conveniently located 4 miles from my studio so you can pick up your cake on the way to your session (please check scheduling with Brittany).



Scheduling in advanced is always recommended, but I do take last minute requests when possible.  Weekend availability is limited, weekday morning sessions (not including school holidays) receive a $25 discount.  Bundle discounts are available when booked with a newborn session.

Milestone portraits are perfect not only for 1 year pictures, but also for other 1st year milestones, such as tummy time or sitting up.  It also works great for 1 year pictures if you are not interested in including the cake smash.  2 sets are included with 2-3 outfit changes. We will discuss the backdrops you would like to use before the session and I will have everything set up and ready to go when you get here.  Little ones will lose interest quickly and after a few minutes of warming up to each other, I try to move quickly to keep their interest. A typical session lasts about 30 minutes, though if child is not happy, we will take breaks as needed.  This is an all digital session. 10 digital image files are included. A typical session will have a gallery of 20-25 images. You can choose your favorite 10 images or choose to add on additional photos.  Additional photos are available for $50 each, $150/5 or upgrade to the entire gallery for $250.  Siblings and parents are welcome to join in for a couple of pictures.

Let’s get right to the good stuff with this session!  This session uses one set only, pre-decorated in one of my beautiful minimalist sets.  If you have a different theme in mind, you are welcome to bring with you personal items to complete the look. Many choose to bring a highchair banner and/or nursery decor.  I always have on hand helium balloons and some generic banners. I am not able to accommodate family pictures during this session, a sibling is welcome to sit in on the cake smash set for a picture before the cake comes out.  As with the portrait session, this package is all digital and includes 10 digital images. Additional photos are available for $50 each, $150/5 or upgrade to the entire gallery for $250.  


Included, but optional is the ‘splash’ after the ‘smash’.  Baby will get full of cake and icing during the cake smash, so why not give them a quick bubble bath to wash them off...and get adorable pictures of it!  I bring out my claw-foot tub and put it right on the cake smash set. We can even leave the cake out right in front of the tub...sometimes a child will eat cake right from the tub!!  If you choose not to do the tub, we will just end the session when your child has had enough cake...or you think it’s time to cut them off!

The best of both worlds!  We will start off with two portrait session sets, which we will discuss beforehand.  I will use the time while changing outfits to take down the first set and put together the cake smash set.  We move quickly to avoid baby losing interest and will get a variety of traditional portraits and cake smash pictures.  All edited images are included in this session. A typical gallery will include 30 images, 15 portraits and 15 cake/bath images.

Newborn and Family Photography

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